Tips for purchasing silver jewelry

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

Buying silver jewelry is often considered to be a wise investment, but you must take care when purchasing silver jewelry so that you are able to get the best deal for your money.

Doing purchases on the Internet or what we call as as e-Shopping require some skills. You’ll find here some tips that will make your experience of Internet Shopping enriching. Before coming to decision on what one is going to buy , one should do the market study in terms of Product comparisons and reviewing the specifications, and in the process of making a purchase one should make Secure Payments, because on Internet along with the ease of shopping comes some threats also like : Identity Thefts , Spoofing etc.
So here are some broad step that one should follow :

  • Researching and Comparing Items
  • Selecting and Reviewing your Items
  • Get acquainted with the Seller
  • Do Secure Purchase, use PayPal

1. Researching and Comparing Items:
Regardless of how much you can or want to spend on silver jewelry, you should always shop around to compare prices and styles.Internet is a great shopping portal, explore net to compare items and prices and ensure that you get the Product you want at a Good Price and from the Seller you are comfortable purchasing from.
There are some aids to this process too, viz.

  • Buying Guides: Buying Guides being quite handy and useful, to quickly learn about the basics of Jewelry, Watches and Gemstones. Hence, you being an informed buyer would be aware about what exactly you are bidding for and you can ask the Seller relevant questions too, if required.
  • Completed Listings: One should research on how much other Buyers pay for the similar items on other sites. For this you need to go to Advanced Search and there search for the Item and check the “Completed Listings Only” to see prices for completed listings. This will provide you with useful insight on the Price Range of the item and then you can bid effectively.

2. Selecting and Reviewing Your Items:
After you found an Item you are interested in buying, you need to carefully and thoroughly review the Item Description. Description should be detailed enough so that you know exactly what you are getting. If you find the Description of the Item not elaborative enough, you should ask the seller for more information.
Do consider the following information as you read through the Description:

  • Photos: Photographs of the Item should be of high resolution so that they clearly present the view of an Item. Do the photographs provide you with the different angles of the item? Essence is you should get a good sense of the product from a photograph.
  • Main Product Attributes: Seller should have clearly mention the Product’s main attributes and features in the Product Description.
  • Diamond Quality: Look for the 4C’s clearly when you are purchasing Diamond, viz., Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Also look whether the Diamond is Certified/Graded or not, and which Lab is providing this Certification. Diamond should be accompanied with a copy of Lab Certificate.
  • Sizing Information: Do look for the size of the ornament and whether it suits and fits you or not. For ex., if you are looking for particular Chain Length and Type, in case you are buying a Necklace..
  • Material: Description should clearly provide the material information of the product you are buying, i.e., What constitutes the product (yellow gold, silver, gold platted/filled etc) and what is the grade of the material?
  • Do look for the information on Item Conditions and whether there is some Guarantee / Warranty with the product or not.
  • Gift Box: If you are purchasing Jewelry to gift someone, check whether Jewelry comes with a GiftBox or not.
  • Read the entire description thoroughly, there should not be inconsistencies in that.
3. Get to know your seller:
Read the Seller’s Information section. It should have information like, Creditability, Address, Phone No. It should have enough information to contact the Seller.
4. Do Secure Purchase:
Shopping Portals do outsource the task of making payments to specialized agents or to the Banks portals itself. Look for the Security Information provided on the Portal and if you are assured that your transaction will be safe, go ahead and do it.
You can find plenty of sterling silver in reputable retail outlets, but a few tips might be helpful if you are shopping for silver jewelry online or elsewhere. Keep these tips in mind when buying silver jewelry.


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