Why should you wear gemstones in jewelry?

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

Now you have much more reasons than just aesthetic beauty of the gem to wear gemstone jewelry.

Traditionally people used to wear amulets to guard them against evil spirits. Later on the trend caught on with the birthstones. Birthstones are known to have positive influences on a persons life. They increase positive traits and decrease negativity in an individual's personality. Expert astrologers now recommend various stones and not just the birthstone to influence the wearer's personality.

Believing in the concept is again based on faith and there may be different opinions on that. All I can say is that give it a try and there may be something in it. After all since centuries people have had some sort of 'charm quotient'. Here is what each stone influences:

Agate - Plentiful of resources, encourages camaraderie, brings good luck, enhances fearlessness, also helpls in stomach related ailments

Amber - Lucky in romance and love, increases psychic abilities, gets wisdom

Amethyst - increases satisfaction in life, brings peace and strength in the character, helps in identifying ones own self

Aquamarine - a water stone, has a calm influence on ones personality, removes any type of fear and phobia

Amazonite - a soothing stone - supposedly absorbs microwaves and relieves stress, helps the wearer to see two perspectives of a problem

Aventurine - increases creativity, enhances leadership skills, motivates the lazy ones and brings materialistic happiness

Carnelian - enhances vitality, increases self confidence, makes the person more warm, friendly and creative

Citrine - energiser stone, brings prosperity, makes the person generous and creative, increases motivation and has healing properties for internal organs

Emerald - a symbol of love, protects from evil charms, increases memory retention, increases fertility

Flourite - strengthens bones, teeth; helps in de-stressing

Garnet - makes the person passionate, increases self-confidence and enhances sensual energy, keeps a person socially popular and joyous

Jade - channelize energy in constructive ways,symbol of calmness and purity, helps in making up with friends and improves old relations, increases mental stability

Jasper - helps in having a fresh perspective towards life, helps in realizing ambition

Labradorite - highly mystical stone, brings protective powers, raises consciousness and conserves positive energy, wards off negative energies

Lapiz - helps in overcoming depression, increases the sixth sense

Malachite - absorbs negativity. brings about compassion for others, purifies the soul

Moonstone - brings good luck, feminine stone, healing power and in releases feminine energies, also marks new beginnings.

Quartz - brings calmness and clarity in thoughts, amplifies the energies of other stones, wonderful for meditation and healing

Rose Quartz - symbol of unconditional love and peace, helps in overcoming emotional issues and childhood issues, fosters love towards family and brings compassion for humanity

Rutilated Quartz - brings discipline to life and stabilizes relationships, helps fix broken marriages

Smokey Quartz - a neutralizer stone and brings protection on the wearer from harmful influences

Tiger's Eye - increases willpower, self control and fearlessness

Turquoise - an all purpose stone, has healing powers on the entire body, provides inner strength, increases wisdom. helps in repulsing negative energies


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