What are Charm Bracelets?

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A charm bracelet is like a simple chain bracelet with links. Links are large enough so that charms can be attached. A charm bracelet is a type of jewelry worn around the wrist.

Charms are basically small and creative pendants which can be of different shapes, patterns, cut, colors and designs, sometimes charms also signify a special event or particular relationship.

Charms may take different forms:
-miniature animals,
-signs such as hearts or stars,
-small flowers,
-tiny photo frames,
-small lock and key,
-initials of names,
-carved charms.

Charm bracelets can be worn by all age groups but it is more popular in young teen-aged girls as compared to others, It can be worn with both casual and formal wears. A charm bracelet also represents good luck, friendship or special occasions.

Earlier charms were made of natural gemstones or rocks and were carved according to the design patterns of animals, their gods etc. It was believed that charms have supernatural powers, it protects the wearer from harm, or get luck and love.

Quean Victoria wore charm bracelets which become a fashion trend in the European noble classes. She choose to wear a charm bracelet with small photographs of family members in little lockets. Demand of charm bracelets again grew in the early 20th century. Soldiers who traveled during world war II used to bring little gifts and trinkets home for their loved ones.

The meaning of popular charms
life will be blessed
has a colorful life
You will have a sweet life
Your life will be blessed
DolphinYou will have a life of joy and fun
DragonflyYou will have a life of good fortune
FlowerLove will blossom for you soon
HeartTrue love will find you
You will have a happy home
OwlYou will have a life of wisdom
RoseYou will have a life of beauty
You will have your wishes granted


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