What are Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings?

>> Monday, May 5, 2008

Hoop earrings is a very classic trend which keeps coming back in the world of fashion.
Hoop earrring is a kind of hoop(circular in shape)made from precious metal wire. Sterling Silver being an affordable metal makes hoop earrings made of it a spot in every woman's jewelry box. Its available in a very artistic and stylish design and this makes it to wear on special days. Here the earrings is made up of 925 Sterling silver.
Acoording to latest fashion trends we have a varieties of sterling silver hoop earrings available at our online store. They are as follows:

This is a Stunning Silver Earrings. It weighs 13gms , this earrings is simply beautiful and elegant. It has an artistic and supper design with sterling silver. This amazing earring is very trendy for 2008 and will be great as gift or as a possession. The Earring is pure 92.5% sterling silver and is available at wholesale price.

This is a Stunning Sterling Silver Charm Earrings. It weighs 12gms. This is a unique design, which gives elegant look on any of the traditional outfits. The Earring is pure 92.5% sterling silver. We take guarantee for the silver.

It is a beautifully carved sterling silver earring in fancy manner. This could be worn with any western outfits and would give pleasant look.
It weighs 7gms. It is made up of 92.5% Sterling Silver and is available at wholesale price.

A beautiful pipe design Sterling Silver Earrings in round shape weighs 10gms. This is the most simple design but still very elegent,and can be worn on any outfits. It is pure 92.5% sterling silver. We take guarantee for the silver and is available at wholesale price.

We are a wholesale producers of a wonderful range of Sterling Silver Earrings that are an expression of aesthetic innovation. The beauty of our silver hoop earrings is accentuated by beautifully carved and giving each piece a unique appeal.
Enjoy the gentle touch of your silver hoop earrings at every nod and shake of your head!


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