Colored Stones Are Back in Fashion

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Colored Stones are back in fashion. It is one of the hottest fashion trends for last year and this coming spring is to incorporate color into the jewelry that you wear. Beads are definitely a significant come back as they have been the used for some of the most fashionable outfits. Spring fashions are expected to include having beaded blouses, skirts, and dresses. Beads can take the blandest outfit and will give its wearer more confidence to stick out and shine in a crowd.

Let us first understand the direction in which the newest fashion trends are going. Fashion and jewelry go hand in hand, that is why jewelry is called an accessory to an outfit. Jewelry designers are well aware of the trends that are popular in the fashion industry and are always ready to provide their customers with a product that will not only compliment their clothing fashions but will also give them the perfection.

Many of the popular colors that are in fashion are also available in a gemstone. Coral shades are particularly popular and designers are trying that they have enough of their colorful jewelry to meet demand. On the other side of the spectrum, but still just as popular are the more vibrant pastel colors of gemstones including the Citrine, tourmaline, and the glowing blue of tanzanite as well as metallic shades which also include the classic yellow gold and iridescent stones.

Coral citrine Pearl

Pearls in their different color are expected to be a big seller and jewelers are working hard to come up with new designs that will appeal not only to a buyer's fashion sense but also to their emotional side. Jewelry with ethnic, religious or sentimental symbolism is always very popular and jewelers will be utilizing their knowledge of these sentimental pieces in order to create the colored stone jewelry that we as consumers simply will not be able to leave it.

If you are more fond of diamond do not feel left out of the fashion trend to have more color. Colored diamonds and colored sapphires in shades of pink, violet, yellow and brown are expected to be popular this coming year. Interest in Asian styles have also lent to the resurgence of colored stones in the fashion world. Jade is particularly appealing as this color is said to blend naturally with many other colors and make it an easy combination with almost any outfit.

Classic yellow gold is also expected to come back in to style, opening the door for many people who treat their old or antique jewelry as out of style, will now begin to wear and use those long forgotten styles again, perhaps exciting a new fashion trend in both jewelry and apparel. Yellow gold is also one of the most traditional metals that are used for ethnic or religious jewelry styles and now more and more people are gaining interest in yellow gold, its white gold counterparts' popularity is expected to dwindle.

So,we can conclude that Colored Stones are definitely back in fashion and there is little sign that this trend will pass over quickly.

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