Fascinating Indian Jewelry for Brides

>> Thursday, October 23, 2008

Every girl wants to look at her best and as beautiful as she could on her wedding day since it is the most special day of her life.A bride is incomplete without jewelry; it is an essential item of her bridal attire.Brides spend amount of money on bridal wear , bridal makeup but everything is useless without jewelry.Jewelry gives final touch to the bridal outfit.It is an occasion for others who were anxiously waiting to have a glimpse of a bride in the enchanting costume. Keeping this in mind, Indian fashion designers make an exotic variety of bridal costumes as well as jewelry in fabulous designs and patterns.

Indian Bridal Jewelry consists of jewelry sets that can be in gold including ; necklaces, bangles, anklets and earrings , rings. Some brides may prefer to have the bridal jewelry set with diamonds and other precious stones. Wedding jewelry or Bridal Jewelry, made out of gold, silver, platinum or diamond depends on one’s taste and budget. If one can afford then designer jewelry and customized jewelry are within the reach. On the main wedding day heavy ornaments that complement the bride’s attire and her personality are worn from head to toe. A typical Indian bride is adorned with the following jewels:

Hair Embellishments: Today hair accessories are becoming very popular and have become a fashion statement. If the bride wears a diamond –studded outfit the hair accessories also should contain diamonds. Decorating hair with pearl headgear and silver hairpins are also very popular now.

Earrings: Earrings though come in various styles and designs like small, delicate, heavy and danggles . Bride’s earrings are typically made of gold decorated with dazzling gemstones or pearls.

Nose Ring: Indian brides also wear nose ring that are available in different designs and styles ,these rings have set trends in the fashion world.

Necklace: The most versatile Bridal Jewelry, usually made of gold, available in varied designs and embellished with precious dazzling gemstones or pearls, is chosen fitting well with the neckline, color and pattern of the bride’s outfit. A deep neckline requires a long neckline while a choker looks fascinating with a smaller neck.

Bangles: An Indian bride wears gold bangles studded with various sparkling gemstones and pearls. Nowadays beautiful and traditional bracelets are also popular among brides.

Ring Bracelet: This unique Bracelet is attached to finger rings by means of chains.

Maangtika is generally worn on the forehead with a decorative center piece having a long string.

Indian Jewelry are not only for brides, an eclectic range of jewelry is also made for the bridegroom. Now a days modern bridegrooms are also very demanding when it comes to looking good on their wedding. They like to wear jewelry on their wedding day. Men’s rings and watches are most used jewelry items of men. Chains made of gold and silver are also preferred by the men for their wedding. Platinum and Silver Rings with diamonds are the most suitable for men. Wedding day is the most special day of one’s life and it is the right of every girl and boy to look best on their special day. Indian Jewelry provides the brides and bridegrooms with a wide range of stunning and gorgeous jewelry items that make them look charming and dashing on their wedding.

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