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>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry (also known as CZ jewelry) provides best and the suitable alternative to diamond jewelry. Though CZs tend to have slightly less sparkle or shine than diamond, but still it have more fire (flashes of rainbow colors). Even the trained gemologists get confused due its similar effect as that of diamond.They require a special equipment to check the difference between CZ and Diamond.Undoubtedly the best diamond imitation substitute available today, Cubic Zirconia has been established as an affordable diamond replacement as well as an important fashion staple in costume jewelry.

There are many customers who buy CZ eternity bands to accent their real diamond wedding sets, even customers also buy costume jewelry made of CZ to mix in with their authentic rubies, emeralds, and platinum. Those customer who dont want wont to wear the item more than a few times prefer CZ for their formal functions or events.CZ and Sterling Slver Jewelry can help you to add fun, fashion to your jewelry wardrobe, and you can have replacements or back-ups for your everyday jewelry just due to CZ Jewelry.

CZ & STERLING SILVER NECKLACES There are so many different styles of necklaces available, everyone is sure to find at least a few that they love! You can also have fake diamond necklaces, and simple designer inspired sterling silver pendants. A necklace made up of CZ can be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, or the most dramatic part of your entire look.

CZ & STERLING SILVER BRACELETS If one move back to ancient historical times Bracelets are one of the oldest fashion trends. The simple bangle bracelet is the most prominent, and a glance at any current red carpet shows that the look is still very much in style. Celebrities have been spotted wearing pearl bracelets, diamond cuff bracelets, and elaborate layered bracelets
Tennis Bracelet

With ravishing beauty, this princess cut cubic zirconia tennis bracelet can only be described as breathtaking. The white cubic zirconias that line the bracelet almost seem to reach out with their shimmering reflections to draw the gaze of wandering eyes. The rhodium finished sterling silver adds the final touch of breath stealing awe as its platinum like surface complements the dancing lights of the CZs with masterful care.

CZ & STERLING SILVER RINGS Sterling silver and CZ rings are the perfect way to express your sense of style. You can get variety of rings that are made of CZ such as engagement rings, wedding sets, eternity bands, promise rings, cocktail rings, pearl rings, designer inspired rings, and antique style rings.
Blue Mother Heart Ring

The sterling silver Blue Mother of Pearl CZ heart ring is a beautifully crafted combination of shining sterling silver, blue enamel plating and sparkling white cubic zirconias. The blue pearl really brings out the shine and luster of the sterling silver and makes the cubic zirconias twinkle a little brighter. You will love wearing this sterling silver blue enamel CZ heart as it is sure to show off your impeccable taste

CZ & STERLING SILVER EARRINGS Sterling silver and CZ earrings are an easy, affordable way to brighten your face and enhance the beauty of your outfit. There are traditional styles like CZ diamond stud earrings, chandelier earrings, and sterling silver hoops, as well as other options like clip-on earrings, magnetic earrings. Earrings are often the only jewelry noticeable in a headshot or close-up photograph, so make sure your ears have some sparkle to them!
CZ Black Onyx Silver Pendant

The smooth CZ Black Onyx Silver Pendant mixed with the intricate design that surrounds the Oval shaped black onyx stone with sparkling CZ creates a soothing combination for you as the pendant rests around the neck.The pendant gives gorgeous look with all your outfits weather party wear or casuals.The Stone is 100% natural Semi precious gem stone.

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