Moissanite Jewelry

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

A moissanite is one of the most popular jewelry because of its striking resemblance to the diamonds. It looks and sparkles like a diamond but certainly it is not a diamond.
Moissanite, which is in the name of the chemical, Silicon carbide (SIC), is a natural mineral found in very small amounts in the earth.

A moissanite is a synthetic man made diamond that is artificially created in labs. It is created with silicon and carbon through a combination of heat and pressure. This crystal can be cut into various gemstone styles and used to prepare beautiful earrings or rings.

The various types of items that can be made from moissanite are moissanite necklaces, moissanite rings, moissanite bracelets, moissanite bands, moissanite pendants, etc. Nowadays, a moissanite is a very fashionable item to posses.

Moissanite diamonds are creating quite a stir in the jewelry industry. Moissanite jewelry is fashionable, trendy , attractive and looks very beautiful after wearing. A vast majority of people mainly the younger generation, finds this jewelry inexpensive and a way to express their style. A moissanite jewelry set is very much in demand nowadays because they are half the cost of a diamond and gives look and feel of a diamond. Moissanite jewelry is a preeminent gift for any occasion such a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc and is perfect as a gift for your loved one.

Even men are attracted to beautiful moissanite jewels. Men’s moissanite tie pins and wedding rings are some of the men’s moissanite items that are becoming very popular.

A moissanite is a very hard stone just like a diamond. This property of moissanite makes it scratch resistant and durable crystal. One of the significant advantages of moissanite jewelry is that its sheen outlasts many other colored synthetic stones. A moissanite is cost effective and a best alternative to diamonds. Before purchasing moissanite jewelry, you can check it online to get the idea and then go to ypur local jewelry stores.

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