Emerging Designers to Watch For in 2009

>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Top Emerging Jewelry Designers to Watch for 2009!

Verameat - Vera Balyura and her Verameat jewelry line is one of the favorites. Her jewelry have unique wearable art that will make you & your friends smile for years to come.

KidViskous - KidViskous is an ever evolving brand of street wear and handmade couture jewelry. Each collection reflects a different theme, trend, style, genre, wave and whim of designer Tiffany Lee. Instead of creating a niche brand, KidViskous seeks to populate any and all aesthetic planes.

Justice Bodan - The Justice Bodan Collection was created by Los Angeles-based artist David Grieco. David has been a fine-art sculptor for over 15 years with bronze being his chosen medium. His mastery of the craft guarantees that each design will be artfully unique.

The collection initially launched with a line of belts and has recently expanded to include bags, jewelry and gift items

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