Michelle Obama’s Ring

>> Monday, January 19, 2009

New president is getting signed in, in just a few days, so I just thought to do a post on his wife’s wedding ring? Well, Obama certainly does have fantastic taste when he purchased this beautiful piece for his wife Michelle. While he did not get this ring for her until after he was elected president, this ring was probably definitely worth the wait (and the fact that it was $30,000 had something to do with it!).
The interesting thing about this piece is that it is made out of rhodium and diamonds, rhodium metals are some of the most precious and sought-after metals in the entire world due to the fact that they are estimated at $1,000 per one troy ounce.
This ring was ordered special by our president for his wife; he wanted to show her just how much he loved her and loved her support and what better way than to spend thirty grand on them? So if you are looking for something special and you want Michelle’s ring, you are going to have to special order it folks and be sure to pay full price!

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