Susie Kellof's Craft Jewelry

>> Saturday, March 21, 2009

Susie Kellof's Jewelry

The jewelry shown above has the following verse engraved on it:

Isn't it beautiful!!!

It has been seen practically that stories are something that we do not forget. Stories are also passed down through generations. Some even become patent to a family. But, have you ever though if these stories are crafted into jewelry then. I think you have not understood what I want to convey.

Well Susie Kellof is one jewelry designer who writes, tells, collects and hammers the stories into silver with tireless passion. She has been in this profession for 19 years now. Susie Kellof has this unique ability to tell stories in silver. She can turn a story into jewelry. She says that since everyone has their own story to tell, she hammers words, names, dates, numbers and symbols into her designs, thus creating an enchanting medium for unusual pieces of wearable art.

She mainly works in silver and also uses a torch and variety of hammers to make beautiful textures and designs in silver. The use of hammer itself, gives a unique organic look to her designs. Moreover, no two pieces made by her are same and the soul of each piece has its own unique expression.

You can have a look at all such designs and many others at the Vancover Fashion Week which will commence from 24th March to 29th March 2009. For whole information about the designs made by Susie Kellof Click Here.

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