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2009 oscar night actually provides an excellent jewelry show to us. They bring to us the new jewelry trends in 2009.

Statement piece were most popular during the 2009 oscar red carpet. Celebrities were chose to wear bracelets, rings, necklace and earring together. And some choose to wear only earring or necklace without looking overdone and also to maximize the glamour.

Amy AdamIn oscar 2009, most of the celebrities prefer to wear silver jewelry. Its design and color are attractive rather then gold. Big stone jewelry were also the biggest trend in oscar red carpet.The example was the bib necklace that Amy Adam wore. The necklace contained diamonds ,sapphires ,rubies and emeralds ,which make that necklace very stunning.

The oscar 2009 message the jewelry trend is to wear one main piece jewelry, with very simple styling. The star seemed to be advice to wear either a necklace or a bracelet not both.

Angelina JolieCelebrities want that their jewelry and dresses speak for themselves. There are lot of simple variety of earrings, in button style or in drop style. One who want to wear only earring then go for drop pattern. Angelina jolie always choose to wear drop style earring. In oscar she wear large vibrant emerald drop style earring and matching emerald cocktail ring. She wear only ring and earring, but not a necklace or bracelet to look cool and classic.Angelina Jolie Horoscope also indicates that, she love to wear emerald kewelry

Brad Pit
For men designer jewelry ,apart from cuff links or bracelets, fancy metallic buttons are in trend. Brad pit at the oscar show wear a shirt with fancy metallic buttons on it. And some on the celebrities wear a simple silver brooch.

This kind of jewelry are in trend in the year 2009. Wearing a trendy jewelry is the best way to spice up an outfit.

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