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Many people don't prefer to wear silver jewelry for many reasons. May be, silver loses its luster over a period of time. For other, it may be silver as simply inferior to gold. Neither of these statements are true if the fine quality of silver is utilized. Handicraft silver jewelry is made up of fine silver, which last the jewelry lifetime without much attention.

Sterling Silver Pendant
At first look, sterling silver and fine silver might look identical. But in reality Handcrafted fine silver jewelry is different in one way that it does'nt lose it luster over a period of time. This is due to lack of copper, as compared to sterling silver. The ratio is 7.5% of copper and 92.5% of silver. So it make fine silver as strong as sterling silver, and last you for a lifetime or it be passed on the future generation with its original beauty and effortless care.

Handcrafted fine silver jewelry is one of the most superior jewelry which is avaliable in the market. Both the metals and jewelry design has been gone through the hands of caring craftman and a true artisan. There is no manufacturing process in the jewelry and the design are original and the production of a jewelry is one at a time.
Sterling Silver Earrings

Whenever you go to buy a piece of silver jewelry then go for handcraft fine silver jewelry and to ensure your piece will de long lasting and remain it beautiful.

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