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Lori Bonn Design has been crafting stunning jewelry with gorgeous semi-precious stones and silver for over seventeen years. Her designer jewelry pieces could make her clients fall in love with it. Jewelry created by her is environmentally and socially responsible silver jewelry. It's jewelry that you can wear with a clear conscience and then feel as good as you look. The three elements of Clear Conscience Jewelry are ethical manufacturing, recycled metals, and responsibly produced gemstones. Her birthstone collection is also very famous.

Lori Bonn

January – “Garnet”
February – “Amethyst”
March – “Aqua Marine”
April – “Diamond”
May – “Emerald”
June – “Alexandrite”
July – “Ruby”
August – “Peridot”
September – “Sapphire”
October – “Pink Tourmaline”
November – “Citrine”
December – “Sky Blue Topez”

Silver Stone Pendant

Traveling the world, Lori Bonn created her first collection in 1991 from Eastern European design in silver and amber. The jewelry is handcrafted from the finest stones and silver, with great attention to detail.

Silver Pendant

Prolific in her work, Lori creates over a dozen new collections a year, each with limited production. Once a collection sells out, its designs are retired, making Lori Bonn jewelry imminently collectable — and all the more special in its exclusivity.

Caring For Lori Bonn Jewelry

Remove jewelry before showering, bathing, or swimming. Avoid bumping against any hard surfaces as silver scratches and dents easily.

Silver Stone Ring

Store silver jewelry separately in a small bag (we recommend a zip lock). Minimizing contact with air will retard the oxidation process, which makes silver appear dull.

Silver Stone Earring

To polish, use a soft damp cloth or silver polishing cloth, then dry thoroughly. Avoid hot water, cleaners, and solvents.

Some of the semiprecious stones used in our designs can be sensitive to perfume and hair spray, so avoid exposing jewelry to these substances. Common kitchen products like lard, salad oil, and butter should also be avoided, as they can form a dull, white coating.

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