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From Astrology point of view, in the Navagraha system of plantary Gemology, Pearl is the gemstone that is used to enchance the power of Moon. Moon by nature is gentle and ot control the mind and anger.

Pearl is also used for making jewelry. Class, Timeless, Style, Sophistication, Intelligence......these are few words to describe and the women who wear them. Setting of pearl with silver and diamonds look fabulous. Freshwater pearl is today's fashion. It requir 2-6 years to grow and its sizes rise from 4mm to 11mm. Its natural pastel colour look very beautiful. Pearl jewelry are finding favour with today's top jewelry designer. Famous name like David Yurman and Paolma Picasso for Tiffany &Co. Are incorporation of pearls into their jewelry creation.
Sterling Silver Citrine Pearl Earrings
Pearl jewelry is made up of natural material – cultured freshwater pearls, akoya pearls, south sea pearls etc. The designed style of pearl jewelry have pearl necklace, bracelet, pearl Ring, Pearl earrings and pandant for your choice. Pearl jewelry goes with every kind of outfits. It look very decent and elegant. Fine pearl jewelry is your ideal choice for Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday or for any other occassion. Pearl Ring

Ever since the ancient Egytians first started creating jewelry, Pearl have become one of the higest regarded gemstone. Even today pearls still hold their value due to the rarity of “mother nature” creating this form of jewelry.

Celebrities who are also pearl lovers:-

1.One of the earliest known pearl collection is the MARRY QUEEN OF SCOTS PEARLS. The most famous piece within this collection was a six-strand necklace strung as a rosary and consisting of more than 600 pearls.

2.PRINCESS DIANA her use of simplistic jewelry like pearl with daring dresses is what helped turn into a fashion icon.

So the next time you go for a party or an evening out, just put on those pearl jewelry for an exquisite look and get a lasting impression with genuine pearl.

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