Filigree work

>> Monday, July 5, 2010

Indian gold fashion jewellery is famous since decades, all over the world. India is famous for its Filigree work ,it is done with patience because it involves technicality. Basically Filigree work is done on silver before it was used on gold. It requires a lot of precision. In India Filigree work is mainly done in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Indian artisans are inspired by Greek filigree work .Even today the same style and pattern is being followed by them. India has its unique importance in the field of Filigree work.

Filigree work
Image Courtesy: Emerland Gold Pendents
If you are shopping online jewellery then you can get latest hot trends in gold or other jewellery designs. Filigree work is used in Jewellery making also.It is mainly done on chains and earrings.This work was used by Egyptians to make fine wires of gold chains. Beautiful designs of flowers and peacocks are carved on pendants. Filigree work is also used for making long necklaces. Firstly, by passing a wire drawing machine pure silver or white gold wedding rings is converted into thin wires. Then the two thinnest wires are wound and heated around Charkha, a rotating wheel.After that to make a single wire these two wires are flattened again. To give different shapes the wires are bent in so many ways.Filigree art is mainly used for creating decorative pieces like:

* Purses
* Boxes
* Trays

If you are going to buy diamond jewellery then online stores provide diamond jewellery at reasonable cost. Filigree work is known by different names, in Orrisa it is called as 'Tarkashi' its 'Karim Nagar' is mainly known for this work. The complex designs includes unique and beautiful figures of flowers, birds, animals and a Favourite memento Konark Chakra is made on the jewellery. Other products of Filigree work are ladies bags, brooches, hairpins and pendants.

It is also done on utility items like cups, plates , trays,ash-trays, bowls and candle stands.

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