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>> Monday, July 12, 2010

Indian gold jewellery is famous since decades, all over the world. Ivory Jewellery is made from an elephant's tusk. Ivory Jewellery is considered as the most beautiful Jewellery. In some parts of country, wearing of Ivory fashion Jewellery by bride is must during marriage ceremony. In Gujarat, the bride gets an ivory bangle as Jewellery. In Rajasthan, the bridal jewellery is incomplete without ivory jewellery, it forms an important part.

Ivory JewelleryIvory white diamond pendants for women are very popular in India, it is attached to an white gold earrings or a necklace. It can be moulded into various designs, shapes and patters, its colour is white. Ivory is soft ,smooth and light weight. These are the reasons that make this jewellery very popular among people. Ivory Jewellery is popular in the entire world. Previously , ivory w  as used for carving. You can buy your favorite jewellery from online stores.

Ivory ornaments are regarded as very traditional,even though it is the first choice of the Indian Youth. Girls mainly like Ivory pendants . College students in India prefer wearing Ivory Jewellery, they find it very cool and beautiful. Ivory Jewellery is not too expensive it perfectly suits the pocket, that's why it is popular among Indian people.

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