Why We Prefer Gemstone and Gold Combination Jewellery

>> Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jewellery is said to take away a good night sleep, easily. Talking about females here, who easily loose sleep over something that is fantasy provoking. Jewellery sure is such a thing. Women and jewellery go hand in hand, as in where there is jewellery, you will see a woman or two, lingering, eying the jewellery like they can steal it, the moment they can or are allowed to do so. It has always been like this, and this fascination is here to stay too.

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Classic jewellery has a different type of charm to it, not only the jewellery defies time, it also defies the present ages intricate designs that are machine cut or otherwise. The handy work that was seen on the classic jewellery of the yester-years, is certainly, of no match to any kind of machine cut piece of today. One thing that you should always bear in mind is that, the classic pieces of jewellery can match up to the standards of gold quality or whatever metal they are made up of, for sure, or may prove to be a little on the down side. Now, why such thing can happen? It is because, the gold jewellery made in those times, did not concentrate on the quantity of pure gold versus brass (brass is usually used in combination with gold, to provide strength to the other wise brittle metal). Gold was not seen as investment at that time, and that particular thing, led the jewelers to design as much as they can , without worrying about it. Today, the amount in say, floral jewellery or Gold Cluster Jewellery, as one might put it, differs from bands and solid pieces, so those designs are preferred more, because of their gold content.

Well, what ever be the case be, still, single handedly just gold cannot be termed as the most favored metal of all. Best gold and the moonstone pendants can be used with silver for all occasions along with gold, can turn heads and make style statements, for sure. This is one such combination, that is again, coming since many ages. The jewellery of the kings and the queens used top have the same kind of metal and gemstone combination. Combination jewellery thus, is said to give a royal look to any piece, always. Take in mind, that whatever you get, you get jewellerey, cause the one thing that the women completely drool over is, jewellery. The metals may take a back seat when the design is good, but generally gold does the trick, every time and some helpful tips for buying diamond jewellery online.

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