Jewellery Designs That Can Add To Your Beauty

>> Monday, August 26, 2013

We all are fond of jewelry. Designs of jewelry have seen a lot of changes from ancient time. Beautiful designs can magnetize and attract more buyers. What is latest, classy and versatile becomes the top choice. Indian jewellery designs are famous all over the world for exquisite craftsmanship and minute detailing. Traditional designs are equally popular as contemporary designs. Antique style jewelry pieces are best sellers during wedding seasons as they go perfectly with traditional attires. Jadau, meenakari, kundan and filigree are some of the most widely used works on antique jewelry.

Marquise Jewellery

Image courtesy: Marquise Jewellery

Latest jewellery designs available at various online indian jewelry stores are launched to suit the young and exotic lifestyles and enhance the wearer’s personality. One can accentuate a particular style with mesmerizing jewelry collections and make it a beaming style statement. Wearing quality jewelry is what matters, rather than wearing quantity as they speak sophistication and class. Shopping online can meet one’s taste, preference and even budget. Brides generally prefer heavy jewelry pieces to match with their wedding trousseau so as to complete their look. Bridal collections feature unique creations, some of which has characteristic embellishment or patterns, while others are studded with gemstones. Engraved and carved designs are equally popular with jewelry lovers. What is old, is antique and in vogue. Designs dating back to bygone eras are seeing new comeback and have become a rage with young men and women. Vintage jewellery designs depicting old world charm have broke records and caught the limelight like never before.

A majority of urbane women today are office goers. They demand jewelry that is subtle, lightweight and ready to wear. Jewellery designs that compliment both casual wear and formal wear are high on demand. The designs that go with the current trend, season after season is always the right pick!

From time immemorial, jewelry is the prized possession of women of all age-group. Innovative designs that blend glamour, quality and reasonable rates have hit the jewelry trends.  What rules the most nowadays is fashion designer jewellery. Fashion designer jewellery can be brought online from online stores. They can be worn with all kind of outfits at any occasion. Delicate jewelry patterns are replaced with bold and chunky forms in this category of jewelry. Fashion designer jewellery is all about standing apart in the crowd as it adds that extra zing to one’s outfit and defines his/her overall personality. Fashion designer jewellery can be made up of precious metals and gemstones like platinum, gold, diamond or inexpensive beads, semi-precious stones, metals, glass, clay, ceramic, etc. The key is to look out of the world by wearing fashion designer jewellery and turn the heads of onlookers in amazement.

Marquise jewellery is the flavor of this season. They look extravagant and scintillatingly beautiful. Marquise diamonds, cuts or facets are known globally for their famous boat-shaped design. Marquise jewellery is sought after for its brilliant oval cut and pointed ends making it the most delicate and talked-about style cuts. Marquise jewellery adds drama and depth to one’s styling, thereby making the wearer catch all the attention and flood with compliments. Women are fond of the alluring slender look of marquise jewellery, confirming it as one of the most beautiful form of jewelry. Here are some tips to buy jewellery from online shops.

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