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>> Friday, August 30, 2013

Indian jewellery is a huge domain to explore. With its various types and designs, women are sure to get spoilt for choice. The various types of jewelry available in India to choose from. Mostly the junk jewelry, which are of huge popular among the young college goers are also used by working professionals as well. It looks great to carry that dangler on your ears while you throw a flirty glance at your college crush. Buy indian jewellery online is famous all over the world since age old times. Gold is regarded as one of the precious and auspicious metal and gold jewelry are timeless. Silver jewelry also looks good but these are specially used in occasions. For daily wear, there are other light jewelries.

gold jhumka designs

Image courtesy: Gold Jhumka Designs

Wedding jewelry online should be bought suiting the environment or occasion. If it’s your workplace, it is better to avoid any heavy gold or costume jewelry but a small top or a ring would work fine. If it is your wedding, you have to go for heavy jewelry and preferably gold. Costume jewelry are also popular among people during weddings but it should be worn matching to your attire. If you are planning for an engagement or proposal, your choice of that jewelry should be elegant yet sober. Designer rings are great to gift during weddings. They can be studded with any precious diamonds or stones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, pearl. All these combinations go well with gold or silver. Attractive wedding jewellery sets are worn for weddings.

Rajasthani jewelry is also famous. Their dangling kundan sets are quite liked by all. It is mainly famous for junk jewelry. On the other hand, gold is famous in South india. Gold jewelry do look good whether it’s simple or heavy. Gold jhumka designs are hugely popular in recent times, specially in weddings. People always look for something different yet elegant design. As everyone knows diamonds are forever. Diamond studded gold rings are also priceless. Gold rings are good gift for wedding and engagement purpose. Diamond also looks good with platinum. Recently platinum has given a tough competition to gold though in occasions like wedding, gold is preferred more as it is regarded auspicious.  It is better to look for reputed stores. You can also buy indian jewellery online. Recently many online stores have come up from where you can even order if you do not want to take the pain of visiting stores. In a nutshell, India is a storehouse of various types of jewelry. You name it and you have it. Wedding jewelry worn by married women in india.

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